The Top Reasons to Vacation in Ocean Springs, MS

The Top Reasons to Vacation in Ocean Springs, MS.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is the hidden gem of travel destinations, and perhaps that is why Coastal Mississippi is referred to as, The Secret Coast. It’s neighboring states often overshadow the Mississippi coast. I am going to share with you the details of The Secret Coast. Adventurous and exciting memories are often inspired while visiting The Mississippi Gulf Coast on vacation, which is precisely the kind of memories that any decent vacation destination should inspire on a family vacation, a party vacation, sneak-a-way trip, just any kind of fun vacation.

It’s not hard to wake up in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and have the entire day already planned. Ocean Springs is a unique travel destination that you will be glad you experienced. Ocean Springs is also known as “The City of Discovery,” and there is something for everyone in Ocean Springs on The Secret Coast. From going on a one of a kind shopping spree and finding that perfect thing in downtown to spending the day canoeing or kayaking the beautiful Old Fort Bayou Blueway or maybe reconnecting with nature while hiking the trails of the local park to spending the entire day on a fishing charter. You might find yourself cashing in at the casinos and treating yourself to one of the many restaurants that make Ocean Springs a culinary destination for some. Did I mention the barbecue shrimp that could probably be the best barbecue shrimp you have ever known to exist? The best part of the day is retiring to the beach to relax and listen to the sound of the waves crashing as a beautiful sunset wraps up the day.

However, if you are planning on staying for more then just a few days, you may want to consider a vacation rental instead of staying at a hotel. Ocean Springs vacation rentals are usually more beautiful than staying in a hotel and could save a lot of money that can be used for other things in your vacation budget. Besides why choose to stay in the small living space of a hotel room for the expenses of a nightly rate when you could have a spacious and fully furnished Ocean Springs vacation rentals that you can call home for a fraction of the price of a hotel. Especially our Bayou Reach vacation rental, it truly is a hidden gem.”

Ocean Springs Local History

 In 1699, the French established a settlement in what is now known as Ocean Springs, Mississippi, which is where the nickname, “The City of Discovery,” originally came from. The French settlement was the first outpost in French Louisiana. It was established to prevent the Spanish from intruding on France’s colonial claims and was maintained into the 18th century when it was named Ocean Springs in 1854. Dr. William Glover Austin gave the town its name because of the local springs he believed to have had healing properties. Ocean Springs became a town that was known for its resorts and was a thriving community. Over the years since then, it has become a residential community that is historically cultured and continues to be known for its charm and hospitality as well as being the home of the Mississippi gulf coast vacation rental as it has been a travel destination since the beginning.

Discovering the City of Discovery

Over the years, Ocean Springs has grown enormously. In 2013, Ocean Springs had been awarded the Great American Main Street Award because of the town’s accomplishments in reviving it’s historic Main Street commercial district into the high-spirited and lively tourist destination community that it has become. The Ocean Springs local community has become such a close family to one another in some way or another after the town endured the crisis and devastation that Hurricane Katrina left behind. These people helped each other get back up, and stood together as a community, helping one another not just to rebuild the Ocean Springs that was lost but to reconstruct a better Ocean Springs as The City of Discovery that is today. With almost half a million visitors annually, visitors find the town is as charming as it is gorgeous and that the town has its unique vibe.

The Art Culture of Ocean Springs

 Ocean Springs is known for its art-oriented reputation with the community proudly supporting and showcasing up the artists who reside there. There are plenty of places around Ocean Springs where historic and local art can be viewed publically and can be purchased and brought home if you so choose. The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center of Arts and Education has a wide variety of traveling art exhibits as well as local art exhibits and a permanent exhibit for the artworks by James McConnell Anderson, Walter, and Peter’s little brother of Ocean Springs. Many public art installations can be found throughout downtown Ocean Springs. Visit the Ocean Springs Art Association to learn more!

Main Street Events and Festivals

The Great American Main Street of Ocean Springs hosts art, music, and food festivals each month out of the year, which has been known to draw in tourists. The Spring Arts Festival is held every year and is free to attend. Art vendors, crafters, and plant vendors set up their displays in downtown at the local shops and galleries for public viewing. Another famous festival is the Taste of Ocean Springs Food and Wine Festival, which is just an evening for guests to have a good time and enjoy themselves while experiencing five-star food and beverage from the local restaurant venues of Ocean Springs. Cruisin’ the Coast is the largest festival put on by Main Street as it is just one huge block party where Ocean Springs welcomes classic cars from all over the country.


 With more than 100 boutiques owned by Ocean Springs, locals be prepared to re-budget your vacation. These eclectic boutiques are far more than typical oceanside souvenirs shops and have a vast variety of items to offer. While you’re in Ocean Springs, check out Miners Toy Store, where you will find some of the most unique gifts for children. From the latest and greatest toys to favorite old fashioned toys, it’s worth at least checking out. You might find nostalgia too!

Where to Stay

 Ocean Springs is the home to the Mississippi gulf coast vacation rental as more and more people invested in properties in the area to rent out to tourists for a better deal than a nightly rate at a hotel. Some people still prefer to stay at the hotels but if you are really enjoying the Ocean Springs area for what it is and really want to get the feel of its culture and what it feels like to live in Ocean Springs rather then be on vacation, I would always recommend a vacation rental over staying in a hotel. A place to call home while you’re in The City of Discovery gives you the full experience of the culture and community around you that a hotel just can’t. Check out our hidden Bayou Gem, Bayou Reach.